Judith Stelling


Hello, my name is Judith Stelling. I teach Alexander Technique lessons in Brussels (Mondays) and Middelburg.

I discovered this technique as a way to resolve debilitating neck and shoulder pain and tension, and not only found relief, but a method that helped improve many other aspects of my life too.

I am originally from the Netherlands, where I studied Chemistry and worked as an Information Technology consultant. After developing RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), I spent a year trying all sorts of therapies and eventually took Alexander technique lessons, which turned out to be the solution to my problems. I went on to train as an Alexander Technique teacher, graduating in 2005. I give individual lessons in Brussels and Middelburg, where I  live with my husband and two daughters.
I am a member of Belgian Association of teachers of the Alexander Technique; (AEFMAT www.aefmat.be), which is linked to STAT (The Society of Teachers of The Alexander Technique,www.stat.org.uk) which was set up by Alexander’s successors in the UK.It would be my pleasure to talk to you about the Alexander Technique. Please call me on 00316-2486 4073.

Email: info@alexander-technique.be